Free SQL MDF Password Recovery

A tool that can change SA password without using Windows authentication and provides the option to remove password from password protected MDF file. SQL password reset tool not only recovers SA account password, it also recovers SQL Database user password. Here are the highlighted features of free SQL Server password recovery software.

SQL Password Recovery Tool - Handy Features

SQL Password Recovery Tool

SQL MDF Password Recovery

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  • Change SQL database file password (Empty & Unknown).
  • Reset more than one database user Account password within SQL Server.
  • Reset/ Recover SQL server SA password.
  • Reset selected SQL database user password.
  • Recover or Reset multilingualpassword of any length.
  • Reset SQL database password in Single panel.
  • Remove password from SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000.

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Select SQL master database files
Choose SQL Server version
Reset SQL database password(Empty or unknown)
Preview of existing user account
Resets both SA and user password
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Proficient Features of SQL Password Recovery Software

Reset .mdf Password

MDF Database Password Recovery

The SQL Server password recovery software recover password from .mdf file. Once the software resets SQL password from master.mdf file, you will no need to provide login id and password to access the database file.

Recover Unknown and Empty Passwords

Reset SQL Unknown and Empty Passwords

Once you load the selected master.mdf file, the SQL password reset tool will scan the file and shows the list of Unknown and empty passwords.

Reset Selected User Password

Reset Selected SQL User/SA Password

The SQL password reset tool provides the option to resets selective SQL db user password and you can reset SA password.

Recover SQL Password In Single Pane

MDF File Password Recovery In Single Pane

SQL database password recovery has effective graphical user interface. User can perform all the process of MDF database password recovery in one single pane.

Recover Password upto SQL 2008

Recover Passwords upto SQL Server 2008

The highly integrated SQL password changer supports and recovers SQL Database user and SA password of SQL Server 2008, 2005 & 2000 databases.

Working Steps of SQL MDF Password Recovery

SQL Server Password Reset tool

Step1: SQL Database Password recovery

Download the free SQL Server password recovery tool.

open master.mdf file

Step2: Open .mdf file

Browse the .mdf file to reset SQL password for.

Preview Scanned accounts detail

Step3: Preview Existing Accounts

Preview the detail of existing logins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SQL Server Password Remover Reset Both SQL Database User Password and Sa Password ?
Yes, you can reset both SQL user and SA password.
Do I need to provide the SQL Server version to my database file?
The MDF file password recovery will not automatically detect the version of your master.mdf file. However, it will provide you the option to select the appropriate version of your database file.
Can I recover my lost SA password without installing SQL server on my machine?
The SQL SA password reset tool require for SQL Server environmentand you need to stop the SQL Server services while resetting SQL Server SA password.
Can I reset SA account password on SQL Server 2008?
Yes, MDF database password recovery can reset passwords of SQL Server 2008, 2005 & 2000.

SQL MDF Password Recovery Reviews

An awesome tool that can change SA password without using windows authentication in SQL Server. SQL Password Recovery software also helpful in recovering SQL database user password.

— David Humfrey