Free SQL Backup Recovery

Now repair and recover your corrupt SQL backup file with free SQL Server Backup Recovery Software. The SQL BAK file recovery tool helps you to restore SQL MDF file backup or you can restore full or differential database backup. Here are the listed features of SQL database backup repair tool :

SQL Backup Recovery

SQL Backup Recovery


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  • Recover and restore SPs, Tables, functions, views, triggers, and rules.
  • Recover full or differential database backup from .bak file
  • Recover corrupted SQL MDF and LDF files backup
  • Option to export recovered data in SQL Server Database or Compatible Script
  • Recover SQL backup file data in any length.
  • Recover .bak file of SQL Server 2014, 2008, 2008 R2, 2005 & 2000.
  • Recover selected items from .bak file database
  • Provides a preview of recovered items; Tables, functions, Views, etc.

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Features Free License
Load SQL .bak file
Select SQL server version (2014, 2008, 2008 r2, 2005 & 2000)
Preview recovered items from SQL .bak file.
Windows 8 & all previous versions supported
Export as SQL server database & compatible script
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Exclusive Features of SQL Backup Repair Tool

Complete SQL Server Backup File Recovery

Complete SQL Backup File Recovery Tool

SQL Server BAK file repair tool allows you to recover all the components of your corrupted/damaged SQL Server database backup file. Once the tool has performed its task successfully, you can recover Triggers, Tables, Store Procedures, Rules, Views, etc.

Restore SQL MDF and Ndf Backup

Restore SQL MDF & LDF File Backup

SQL Server Backup file recovery tool can restore the backup of associated SQL MDF and LDF files saved within SQL .bak file.

Preview Backup File Items

Preview Recovered Items of Corrupted SQL Backup File

After repairing corrupt sql .bak file the SQL .bak recovery software loads all the recovered components of corrupted .bak file and preview it.

Recover Selected backup File Data

Recover Selected SQL BAK File Items

SQL backup repair utility allows you to export selected items after repairing corrupted backup file. In addition, the software exports data as SQL Server Database or as SQL Server compatible script.

Export Schema with Data

Export Schema & Schema With Data

SQL backup repair tool allows you to exports the recovered data in two ways:

  • With Only Schema: This includes schema of the table, views or procedures.
  • With Schema & Data: In this option, you can export schema as well as selected data like table, views, & stored procedures.

Steps to Recover Corrupt SQL Backup File

Load SQL .bak File

Step1: Load SQL .bak File

Download the SQL bak recovery software and click on load to add .bak file.

Scanning .bak File Data

Step2: Scanning .bak File

Once the file is successfully loaded, SQL BAK repair will scan the uploaded file

Preview Recovered .bak File Items

Step3: Preview .bak File Data

Preview all the recovered items after completion of scanning process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to perform SQL .bak file recovery using this tool?

Follow the below steps to repair corrupt SQL .bak File

  • Launch SQL Backup recovery
  • Click on Load button to Import SQL .bak file
  • After completing the scanning process it will show the preview of recovered SQL backup file
  • After previewing, Click on Export button to save the repaired database
Is there any size limitation to repair corrupt SQL Server backup file?
No, you can repair your corrupted .bak file of any size.
Is SQL Server environment needed for SQL .bak recovery software?
No, SQL BAK file recovery is an independent tool and does not require SQL Server environment.
Does the tool recover full or differential database backup of corrupted MDF and NDF files?
Yes, you can recover full or differential database backup of corrupted MDF and NDF files.
Do I need to provide the SQL Server version to my .bak file?
No, The SQL backup repair utility auto detects the SQL Server version of your .bak file. However, you can manually choose the SQL Server version of your .bak file if you already know it.

SQL Backup Recovery Tool Reviews

I can't say enough about the excellent working of this .bak file recovery software. It is perfect in recovering database from corrupted .bak file.

— Philip Stieven