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Our developers recently launched FREE MDF viewer utility, which is a very useful tool to view the information stored in MDF files as SQL Server stores all database information in MDF file. This freeware SQL MDF Viewer tool can use to view corrupted and damaged MDF files without installing SQL Server. The features of MDF file reader tool are given below:

Upgrade FREE SQL MDF Viewer

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Add & Scan MDF File

Read Corrupt MDF file information

Save Scanned MDF file

Preview MDF File Data

View MDF file without SQL Server

Auto Detection of SQL Server version

Advance Scanning Option

Recover & Export MDF File Data

Recover data from NDF File

Recover Password from SQL Database

Decrypt SQL Server database

Supports All SQL Server 2014,2012 & 2008











































Glance of MDF File & Its Corruption Reasons

MDF is the primary database file format used by Microsoft SQL Server, which is an enterprise-level database program; used for database files installed with SQL Server and related add-ons. Custom MDF files may also be created by the user in SQL Server. MDF can be the file extension denoting diverse sort of files.

Commonly MDF file extension is used to symbolize Microsoft SQL Server Database files. In SQL Server, the file extension MDF stands for Master Database File, and the entire database information of SQL Server is saved in that MDF file. MDF is the primary database file format used by this SQL database Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Corruption Causes of MDF File

Sometimes SQL server database gets corrupted due to the following reasons:

  • Hardware failure
  • Application failure
  • Virus and Trojans attacks

The above causes can corrupt MDF files badly. You can re-configure the SQL Server database but you cannot access your MDF file because it gets corrupted.

How to Open and View and MDF File?

To open the corrupt MDF file, you need an MDF file viewer utility, which can help you to access your MDF file contents. SQL MDF Viewer helps you to view the corrupt MDF file information without any special requirement.

Absolutely Free Download of SQL MDF Viewer

  • Are you suffering from MDF database corruption?
  • Do you need a tool to view the contents of SQL MDF files?

Get this free SQL Server database file reader utility to read corrupt MDF or healthy MDF file information.

Check How To View Corrupt MDF File

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Tools Related to SQL Server Database

The SQL MDF file viewer will help you view the information of SQL Server MDF files. However, it does not allow the recovering of MDF file contents or saving the recovered information to your system and other more tasks. Get an appropriate tool for database management need:

SQL Recovery Tool

SQL Recovery

To recover corrupt MDF file elements and save them, use SQL Recovery software that repairs and recovers MDF & NDF file.

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SQL Backup Recovery Tool

SQL Backup Recovery

This Tool Will Recover SQL Backup File(.bak) and can easily export the backup data with schema & data.

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Password Recovery Tool

SQL Password Recovery

If you forgot your SQL Database password, Use this Tool to remove and reset the password of SQL Database.

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SQL Log Analyzer Tool

SQL Log Analyzer

Tool to recover LDF file and help to analyze SQL LOG Transaction operations like INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE etc.

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SQL Decrypter Tool

SQL Decrypter

Efficient tool to remove encryption from SQL Database and also and get the preview of Decrypted SQL Database easily

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MDF File Viewer Reviews

This tool is surely a master piece. I would say it is one of the best MDF file viewer utilities to view the healthy as well as corrupted MDF Files of SQL Server Database in just few clicks of the mouse.

—George Maurice