Free SQL Server Database Restore Manager

Try free SQL database recovery manager that manages and fulfills all your requirements. SQL database restore utility performs various tasks like recovering records from SQL MDF and LDF files. You can also restore your corrupted .bak file database and change master.mdf SA password. Here is the complete set of features of SQL database manager tool:

SQL Restore Manager

SQL Server Database Restore Manager

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  • Restore SQL MDF, NDF and master database
  • Analyze SQL transaction log file database
  • Scan, restore and export SQL .bak file database
  • Recover SQL database forgotten password
  • Decrypt SQL database objects
  • Supports SQL Server 2014 & below versions

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Features Free License
Recover primary secondary and BAK database file
Get complete preview of recovered database
Save scanned data in different file format(.str)
Supports SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 & 2000 databases
Export recovered database of MDF and NDF files
Decrypt SQL databases and recover forgotten password
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Exclusive Features of Free SQL database manager

SQL Primary and Secondary Database Recovery

Recover Primary & Secondary DB

The SQL Database Manager Tool offers you to recover both primary and secondary databases. You can also restore corrupted database files.

Analyze SQL Transaction Log

Analyze SQL Log File Database

The SQL Server Restore manager effectively works for SQL database transaction log files and analyze its data like insert, delete, update, etc.

Restore .bak file database

Restore SQL Backup File Database

The SQL Server restore manager allows you to recover your corrupted backup file database with no file size limitation. You can upload .bak file of any size.

Reset SQL Master Database Password

Recover SQL Forgotten SA Password

You can reset both unknown and empty passwords of your SQL master database file. The SQL Server restore manager resets forgotten SQL SA and user database passwords.

Decrypt SQL Scripts

Decrypt Encryption from SQL Scripts

SQL Recovery Manager can also perform decryption of encrypted SQL database files and Stored procedures. Live SQL environment is needed to decrypt Server database file.

Generate Database Activity log Report

Generate Database Activity Log Report

The SQL Server Recovery Manager generates an activity log report for database, which can be displayed on the main panel of the tool with application name, file/database name, SQL Server version, Size (MB), & Date/Time.

Screenshots of Free SQL Server Database Manager

Free SQL Database Manager

Step1: SQL Database Manager Tool

Download SQL Server Restore Database Tool

Preview MDF File Components

Step2: Preview Database File Items

Get the preview of recovered items

Save Deleted Records

Step3: Restore SQL Server Database

Recover selected items from database file

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any file size limitation to recover and decrypt SQL database file?
No, the tool does not impose any file size limitation to recover and decrypt SQL database file.
Can I recover my lost SQL SA password using this tool?
Yes, by using password reset module of this SQL Server recovery manager you can reset your lost SA password.
Can I analyze my Transaction log file database with this tool?
Yes, you can analyze your database transactions like Insert, Update and Delete with this tool. In addition, this feature of this tool can also be used for forensics analysis of log files.
Is it possible to recover corrupted .bak file database from this tool?
Yes, the tool has 6 modules, out of which one recovers your corrupted or healthy backup file database.

SQL Server Restore Manager Reviews

Thanks for making such SQL Server Database restore utility, which helped me when I had lost my last backup, and after using this tool, I have successfully recovered my lost backup.

— Aiden Decrat