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Try Free SQL database decryptor tool to remove encryption from SQL database stored procedures, functions, triggers and views. The SQL encryption remover tool decrypts large SQL database files in few clicks. Here are the handy features of SQL Decryptor Software:

SQL Decryptor Tool With Unbeatable Features

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SQL Decryptor

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  • Remove encryption from SQL Server database
  • Supports Windows & SQL Server Authentication
  • Decrypt SQL Server MDF database of any size
  • Get preview of decrypted SQL Server objects
  • Dual Export: SQL Server & Compatible Scripts
  • SQL Server 2014 and below versions supported

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Features Free License
Connect with SQL Server Database
Dual login option (Windows & SQL Server Authentication Mode)
Windows 8 and previous version support
Export Decrypted objects
Export Selective objects
Save Data with or without Decryption
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Proficient Features of SQL Decryptor Tool

SQL MDF Decryptor

Decrypt SQL Server MDF File Objects

The SQL database decryptor software easily decrypts SQL Server database objects like stored procedures, Functions, views and triggers that were difficult to read or write.

Remove Encryption With Dual Login Mode

Remove Encryption with Dual Login Mode

You can also remove encryption from SQL database by connecting with either windows or SQL Server Authentication. In such case, you need to provide credentials to SQL Server database decryption tool.

Preview Decrypted Objects

Preview Decrypted SQL Server Objects

After completing the decryption process, the SQL Database Decryptor shows the preview of decrypted SQL database objects like stored procedures, views, functions, and triggers.

Decrypt Different SQL Server Version

Decrypt SQL Server Different Version Databases

SQL Decryptor supports and decrypts SQL server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, & 2014 stored procedures and other objects of a SQL database file.

Decrypt With Live SQL Environment

Decrypt SQL DB with Live SQL Environment

To work smoothly with SQL Decryptor Software and decrypt encrypted SQL database, you need to have live SQL Server environment.

Export Selected Decrypted Items

Export Selective Items From Decrypted MDF

After Decrypting SQL database, you can also export database items by selecting or deselecting them. This will save your desired items.

How to Decrypt SQL Database

Free SQL Decrytor Software

Step1: SQL Decryptor Software

Download and decrypt SQL database.

Connect with Database

Step2: Connect with SQL Database

Connect and decrypt MDF file objects.

Preview Scanned Objects

Step3: Preview Decrypted Objects

Preview the script of decrypted SQL objects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool remove encryption from SQL Server stored procedure?
Yes, the SQL Server decryption tool not only removes encryption from stored procedures, it can also decrypt SQL server objects like triggers, functions, views.
Does the tool need SQL Server environment to decrypt SQL file?
Yes, the tool requires SQL Server Live environment to decrypt SQL database.
Does the tool only show the encrypted SQL objects?
Yes, the SQL Decryptor software offers a preview of the encrypted stored procedures, functions, triggers and views on the software panel.
Can I export my decrypted database as a new database?
Yes, you can export your decrypted database to the new or existing database. You can also export it into compatible SQL scripts.

SQL Decryptor Reviews

Removing encryption from SQL Server stored procedure is one of the excellent feature of this SQL Decryptor tool that I was searching on internet and after using this tool I have no doubt on the working of this tool.

— Richard Jacob